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Dems now go after business

Looks like everything that the democraps are trying to do is not working. They have their mainstream media Super PAC that is getting caught trying to lie when reporting the news. They tried going after religion which also didn’t work. They tried shutting down conservative radio which backfired. So now they are going after any business that is supporting any issue that they do not agree with. On Wednesday it was reported by the Washington Examiner that the democraps are boycotting Walmart and Coke because they are backing voter ID laws in some states.
Coke pussied out, Walmart is re-wording their support. We saw this with the Rush Limbaugh problem last month. That didn’t work and neither should this. But the mainstream media will lie about how these boycotts are working.
The problem is not only the democraps, it is also the mainstream media that is defending this stupid and meaningless actions by liberals and democrats. Even though no reads these blogs we must continue to voice our opinions and concerns in the event that if someone does come across this we can education them on what is really going on in America.

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